Central bus station built and put into operation in 1973. The project was done under the guidance of renowned architects by Shota Kavlashvili. bus station its design and location - layout is so constructed that the city residents do not pose any environmental threat. The harmful gases, noise and vibration characteristics of such objects which do not disturb the residents of the city. bus station famous painter and sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, is decorated with a mosaic panel, the transport of history. bus station has 20 major and as many additional platforms. Platform and its infrastructure can handle this amount of bus station day - night to serve 18,000 passengers. bus station has three different levels of the hotel, the passenger waiting room, women's and children's rooms, a pharmacy and a medical station, cash currency exchange point and other areas in which the partner firms and offices. bus station mainly serves international and long-distance flights. The flights will be carried out in Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia, Turkey, Iran and Greece directions. Long-distance flights by the end of Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli and of the town. Central bus station is owned by a joint stock company. The governing body of the General Assembly of the joint stock company, joint stock company has a supervisory board and board of directors. Joint stock company can provide substantially all of its business debts. It is a profitable organization. bus station is, the Land of the passengers' Association - one of the founders and an active member. This association is united by a similar international organizations. bus station building and the area and the possibility that there be a solid investment, and thus it will be possible to arrange an extensive transportation, industrial trade and service enterprises. For this purpose bus station leadership agrees to cooperate with all interested investors.